Our Story

Our story begins in the late 1990’s. The construction industry, much like the economy in general, had shown tremendous growth for several consecutive years. The work was plentiful and profitable.  

At that time, Steve Purdum was a division manager for a large construction firm in the Kansas City area. He had observed a shift in the business practices of many of the city’s top builders, and it troubled him. The seemingly endless stream of new projects had eroded the motivation for client service, and profit maximization had become the central priority. Short term profitability was being emphasized, often at the expense of client satisfaction.

This was all in stark contrast with Steve’s method of doing business. He very much preferred to build strong, lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. He strove to be a valuable partner to his clients, and to provide them with the resources they needed to achieve their goals.

It was out of that ideology that Purdum Construction was born. Steve has worked tirelessly to build a firm on the foundation of 3 central principles:

1. Listen to the client and understand their true needs
2. Foster strong cross-functional teams that collaborate to develop project goals from those needs
3. Utilize expertise to build a physical space to satisfy the project goals

The result is a company that has thrived due to repeat business and referrals. We have enjoyed steady, controlled and sustainable growth since our founding in 1999. We believe that our size is optimum for our business model and allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. We are large enough to successfully deliver projects valuing tens of millions of dollars, yet we are able to provide competitive pricing and excellent client services on small projects as well.

We would love the opportunity to show you how enjoyable a construction project can be.