The Team

At Purdum Construction, we consider our staff to be our single greatest asset. Our talented team members possess the aptitude, experience and passion required to ensure continued excellence and success. We have established a client-centric culture with a strong foundation built on work ethic, diligence and integrity.Our project management staff is comprised entirely of engineers. They pride themselves on their problem-solving skills and approach every aspect of the construction process with logical tactics. Our project managers employ advanced project delivery systems and utilize the latest technology available. They are able to thoroughly comprehend and analyze even the most complex building systems, which allows them to coordinate and sequence a project in the most efficient manner possible.    

Our project superintendents are called upon to be managers, not working foremen. All of our superintendents are former tradesmen with decades of collective construction experience, so they are intimately familiar with proper building procedures across a wide range of scopes. More importantly, however, they possess the organization, leadership and planning skills required to manage a successful project. They are experts at scheduling, sequencing, safety and quality management. They are also technologically proficient, allowing for efficient and instantaneous information flow between the jobsite and all members of the project team.